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Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne

Your switchboard is the heart of your homes electrical wiring. All electrical cabling originates from here and will be protected (or not) from this location. Aged switchboards do not offer adequate protection to your home or small office and will require a switchboard upgrade. Most old switchboards won’t even have correct circuit protection or electrocution protection. This poses a huge risk to both your family or colleagues if you do not upgrade your switchboard. Today, electrical safety switches are vital to your homes electrical wiring. Electrical safety switches cut the power when a fault in the circuit is detected and potentially save lives. Relec Data & Electrical can help with switchboard upgrades across Melbourne and bring them up to current regulations.

Domestic Switchboard Upgrades

If you are at home and notice electrical appliances losing power, you may require a switchboard upgrade. Besides the fact that flickering lights and short-circuiting appliances are a nuisance, there is a huge risk to your family should your switchboard not have RCBO protection. Typically, older homes often have outdated electrical switchboards and older fuse boxes. These are rarely equipped with electrical safety switches. As a ‘must-have’ for your home, a simple inspection of your switchboard will reveal if your fuse box, wiring and circuits are safe. Contact our team today on 0413 012 013 to book your inspection.

Commercial Switchboards & 3 Phase Power

Typically, large offices can contain up to 100 different electrical appliances or outlets. As such, the strain on your electrical circuit is 10x what you can expect from home. With constant electrical and appliance use, a switchboard upgrade with RCBO protection is absolutely vital to your colleagues’ safety. Larger commercial office buildings, workshops, factories and retail outlets will also require specialised and complex switchboards including 3 phase power installation. This is to ensure that your electrical circuit can deal with extremely large power demands. If you are unsure whether your switchboard is up to the task, contact our team today on 0413 012 013 to book your switchboard upgrade inspection.

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Why upgrade switchboards with Relec Data & Electrical?

Every switchboard upgrade delivered by Relec Data & Electrical comes with an electrical safety certificate and at a fixed priced cost. Further to this, all electrical works are covered by our lifetime warranty. This places confidence with all of our customers knowing that we will do the job right the first time around. Our highly skilled and trained electricians genuinely care about the work we complete and no matter how complicated the task becomes, we will not leave until we are satisfied that your property is protected. From punctuality to cleaning up professionally after we have finished, we’re serious about providing a superior switchboard upgrade service for your home or office.

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