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Need a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Melbourne?

Relec Data & Electrical has a team of on call emergency electricians 24/7 ready to isolate and repair any emergencies that arise. We help landlords, business owners, body corporates and agents with all their emergency electrical repairs. No matter the size of the job, we are ready to help and are only a phone call away. Power issues, lighting issues, safety switch issues, blown fuse issues, electrical faults, electrical safety concerns, emergency lighting, burning smells, sparking or fire. These are just a few common issues however we are happy to assist with any electrical related issue that you may encounter. Our licensed and experienced electricians will address any and all concerns promptly and professionally. Please note, if anyone is in immediate danger please call 000.

Why Relec Data & Electrical for Your Emergency Electrical?

Besides our lifetime labour warranty, you can trust in the team at Relec Data & Electrical because of our sheer love for the trade. Nothing is too much hassle and we’ll be there when you need us – even on a blistering cold winter night or Christmas Day. From an acute understanding of the best electrical solutions to the quality of parts the we use, there is no service better than Relec Data & Electrical. In addition to our lifetime labour warranty, here are some other reasons why home owners and building managers across Melbourne are choosing our emergency electrical services.

  • Melbourne-wide servicing.
  • Fixed price quote guarantee.
  • Seniors discount available.
  • Clean, tidy and organised.
  • Professional and punctual.
  • Highly skilled and trained electricians.
  • Certificate of electrical safety guarantee.

What Electrical Emergencies Do We Deal With?

  • Power Outages – Power outages can be indicative of many problems, making it vital to contact an emergency electrician before things get more serious.
  • Sparking and Smoking – If you notice any electrical devices that are sparking and smoking, you might not need to throw it out. Save money by having it inspected by an emergency electrician.
  • Electrical Damage – Thunderstorms and strong winds can cause power surges and physical electrical damage to switchboards and wiring. Attempting to fix it yourself can be fatal – never take the risk!
  • Blown Fuses – Too much power on your circuit can cause a blown fuse.
  • Safety Switch Tripping – The culprit is often a faulty electrical appliance, which can be assessed with an electrical safety inspection by an emergency electrician.

What Should I Do in a Blackout?

Although power outages can be a lot of fun for kids, as an adult, there are a few precautionary things that adults need to be aware of. In Melbourne, blackouts happen year-round as we often have extreme winds that cause powerlines to fall. This means you should always be prepared for the potential of losing power, and if high winds are forecast, make sure to charge devices and power banks, organise food, and find a torch.

If your power suddenly goes off, here are a few things you can do:

  • Determine whether your safety switch has tripped or if it’s a neighbourhood power outage.
  • Turn off and unplug all electrical devices to prevent any damage that may occur during a potential power surge. This will also make sure nothing hot, such as the iron or hair straighteners, come back on without your knowledge once power returns.
  • Try to avoid opening your fridge and freezer to keep the cold air inside.
  • Keep a single light turned on so you know when power has returned.

Why Has My Power Gone Out?

There are a few reasons why power goes out. As mentioned above, power outages can be caused by an electrical fault which will trip the safety switch on your switchboard, or physical damage to powerlines that may occur during wild weather events. Here are some reasons your safety switch will trip:

  1. Overloaded power boards – Daisy chaining power boards with a lot of appliances is never a good idea. Try installing new power points instead.
  2. Tripped fuses and circuit breakers – Although it might seem annoying, the purpose of a safety switch is to keep you and your family safe. In order to cover all bases, tripped fuses need to be looked at by an emergency electrician before being turned back on.
  3. Pets – If dogs, cats, rats, or bats have eaten into your hardware, this may have caused a line to break.
  4. Faulty appliances or faulty wiring – These are near impossible (not to mention dangerous) to diagnose on their own.

In any case, calling a 24/7 emergency electrician to assess the situation is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Get An Emergency Electrician Now

If you need an emergency electrician and are reading this page, call us now on 0413 012 013 to speak with us immediately. If it’s not an emergency, use one of our contact forms on this page and we will call you back as soon as possible. Once we understand more about your emergency electrical requirements, we will ensure that a qualified and licensed electrician is sent out to your home or commercial property; fast.

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Home Emergency Electrical Services

No matter how big or small, Relec Data & Electrical are ready to undertake your home electrical requirements. From simple powerpoint installations to complex electrical strategies for your home, we have you covered. Offering premium electrical services across the whole of Melbourne, take a look at some of our more popular enquiries below.

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Commercial Emergency Electrical Services

Whether you're a business owner, agent, landlord or body corporate, our commercial electrical services stand far above the rest for quality. Take a look at some of the most common commercial electrical jobs we complete all year round across Melbourne below.

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