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Electrical safety at work

Electrical Safety at Work – The Ultimate Guide

The list of hazards at work can be near endless regardless of what industry you operate in, but the fact of the matter is that electrical safety is an undeniably vital element of any healthy workplace.

Employees have the right to a safe work environment, which means a space where all potential risks have been assessed and mitigated. As an employer or business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide and maintain this environment.

Of course, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to ensuring your workplace adheres to industrial electrical safety standards, which is why our team of commercial electricians here in Melbourne have taken it upon themselves to unpack how best you and your staff can practice electrical safety in your workplace on an ongoing and daily basis.

Plan an electrical maintenance calendar

First, you’ll want to get on the phone with your local commercial electrician and organise an electrical maintenance checklist that’s been tailor-made to fit the needs of your workplace. Try and take stock of all the tools, equipment, fittings, and fixtures that have ongoing maintenance requirements, and your commercial electrician should be able to provide an electrical maintenance timeline that you can then incorporate into your organisation’s calendar.

If you have any electrical equipment that needs servicing, our commercial electricians in Melbourne offer test and tag services so that you can easily keep track of when any appliances or tools are due for professional reassessment. 

Upgrade your electrical fittings and equipment

Another benefit of having a dedicated commercial electrician to conduct all your maintenance and servicing, is that you’ll have access to expert information surrounding the efficiency and safety ratings of all your electrical fittings like power points, as well as other electrical fixtures and equipment. Your commercial electrician should also be able to ascertain whether or not an appliance or tool is reaching its end of usable life and is ready to be replaced. 

Replacing outdated fittings and equipment is an essential part of ensuring your workplace stays compliant with industry regulations. It’s in your best interests to outline the useful life of all your electrical appliances and tools to minimise risks of using outdated equipment in your workplace.

Organise electrical training sessions with staff

Of course the most important aspect to electrical safety following healthy fixtures, fittings, and equipment, is making sure that your staff are confident and capable when handling any of this equipment. This confidence will come with thorough training sessions or tutorials not only during staff inductions, but also on a regular basis in order to keep safety guidelines fresh.

The need for electrical safety training becomes increasingly important when you have a larger body of staff and specialist equipment in your workplace. If your workplace is segmented into different work zones, it’s worthwhile ensuring that staff understand they are not to undertake tasks in work zones where they may not be cleared to work. 

Hang safety signage

Finally, it’s valuable to hang safety signage such as guides for heavy lifting and the operation or daily maintenance requirements of electrical equipment in order to support the material provided in your staff training sessions. It’s also worthwhile adding emergency numbers to your electrical safety signage, such as 000, the numbers for your local police and fire departments, as well as the number for your emergency commercial electrician.

Practicing electrical safety in the workplace is a responsibility that falls to every member of your staff. Alongside this, electrical safety requirements must be in place for every appliance or tool used in your workplace. 

If you’re looking to organise an electrical maintenance checklist for your business or workplace, be sure to contact our team of commercial electricians here in Melbourne today. Our team at Relec are always happy to assist local homes and businesses alike in ensuring that they stay safe and free from risks of experiencing any easily mitigated electrical faults.